Tim Stead was a sculptor and furniture maker who was born in Cheshire in 1952.

He studied sculpture at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic and the Glasgow School of Art where he developed a life-long passion for creating sculpture and furniture using natural materials.

Notable commissions and exhibitions include the furnishing of Cafe Gandolfi in 1979; a throne for the visit of  Pope John Paul II to Scotland in 1982; the furniture for the St John’s Chapel St Nicholas Kirk in Aberdeen in 1989; a wooden reconstruction of Skara Brae for the 1990 ’Scotland Creates’ exhibition and The Botanic Ash at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh in 1993.

His last project was the Millennium Clock Tower in 1999, a collaborative project with E Bersudsky, J Tübbecke, and Annica Sandström. The Clock is now on permanent display at the National Museums for Scotland.

Tim died in April 2000